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ACT & District Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
2nd Championship Show
7 April 2002
Judge ~ Mr David Lowe (Seighford, AUS) 


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Firstly, I would like to thank the Executive and Committee for the invitation to judge at this show, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the show appeared to be excellently prepared for and ran well. Even the weather was absolutely perfect. Secondly, the exhibitors are to be congratulated on their sportsmanship and conduct. It is an impossibility as a judge to send everyone home happy, but the spirit in which my decisions were taken was excellent. I would ask the club to again pass on my thanks to my steward as he did an excellent job. I had some wonderful exhibits to judge and there were a number of classes where it was very difficult to split the dogs, coming down to very minor points in some instances, which on another day could have been interpreted differently and may have resulted in different placings. On the other hand there were a couple of disappointing classes, and throughout the show there were 2 problems that cropped up too often in exhibits that breeders must start addressing or these problems have the capacity to entrench themselves so solidly in the breed that elimination, or control, of them will be very difficult. The first of these problems was inverted canines, and I was tough on the exhibit when this was presented. It also concerned me greatly that I saw at least 20 dogs with the problem, and there were some that could have been easily placed if not for it. Inverted canines mean the dog has absence of virtue in its foreface, muzzle and/or underjaw, as its presentation is a clear indicator that the construction of this area of the dog is wrong. In a breed such as ours, where the head is so important to type, absence of virtuous construction in this area is something I have little time for. This problem also has potential health ramifications for the dog, so if it is for this reason only, breeders must start breeding away form the problem. The second problem is rear movement. The breed standard is clear in saying "Legs moving parallel when viewed from front or rear". There is absolutely no ambiguity in this extract, and yet less than half the exhibits showed what I would describe as acceptable movement going away, and only a very small number had what I would call correct movement going away. In contrast, most were acceptable coming in. I believe this problem is getting worse, and is something that breeders must start addressing. Having dealt with the 2 major concerns I saw, I must also add that I saw some lovely heads and fronts, and provided we control what is happening with the foreface and canines, the breed is generally in good shape in this department. Many of the dogs that came under me were also very fit, and this was pleasing, as there is nothing worse than examining a soft Stafford, of which there were only very few. I trust that the ACT Stafford weekend will become a major part of the Stafford calendar in Australia, and am honoured to have been part of the inaugural event.

Baby Puppy Dog

1st SLAIDBURN HIS NIBS - 4 months old black brindle. Very nicely shaped head with good ears. Compact body, with good topline, moved well for a youngster. Needs to come up a fraction in pastern but other than that a good front.

2nd BINDATASH STONE COLD - 3 months old black brindle in his first show, and did quite well. Nicely put together puppy with a good level topline and front and lovely soft expression. Shows a lot of promise.

3rd BROOKSHIRE LICHFIELD LAD - 3 months old black brindle. Very similar dog to 2nd in type and construction with a well shaped skull, and only lost out to him on overall substance.

Baby Puppy Bitch

1st GANGLANDS LIL ARROW - 5 months old black brindle. Well structured head, good bite and well set ears of good size. Good rib and bone, showing much substance for her age. Moved very well. Shows plenty of promise.

2nd WESTCREW BRING IT ON - 6 months old black brindle. Lovely head with good round eyes and good bite, showing pleasing expression. Good front and rib, slightly longer in back and displaying slightly less substance than 1st. Moved well.

3rd STAFFHAUS HEART T HEART - 4 months old black brindle. Lovely shaped head with good eyes and bite. Half prick ears. Good front and good rib. Moved well and free stood beautifully. Slightly less substance than those in front of her.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st BORSTAFF SNEDRICK CRUMBB - A standout in this class from the moment he entered the ring. 8 months old brindle. Taller style of dog with substance to burn, excellent head and ears, with great expression. Excellent teeth. Good front and body showing correct spring of rib. Well angulated in the rear. Misbehaved a little on the move today, but overall a quality specimen that pushed for Reserve CC.

2nd MOBLAND THE CRUSADER - 6 month old black brindle. Whilst not in the class of 1st overall, has a lovely shaped head and well position and carried ears. Good neck fitting well into well laid shoulders. Would have liked to seen more bone and a shorter coupling.

3rd MOSSTROOPER TALK MEMPHIS - 7 months old black brindle. Very similar to 2nd, however lost out to him on head quality. Lay of shoulder and his front are his strengths. Just like 2nd, I would have preferred more substance and a shorter coupling.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st BOLDHART FANCYTHIS N FANCY THAT - 7 months old red. A lovely compact bitch of just over 14 inches with a beautiful head with excellent ears and round eye producing the most lovely expression. Perfect bite. Good neck, good lay of shoulder, excellent front and rib. Good close coupling and well angulated rear. Moved very well.

2nd BOLDHART NELLIE KELLY - 7 months old brindle. Lovely clean head with good round eyes and well set on and sized ears. Good bite. Well laid shoulders, excellent spring of rig, good front, good bone. Lovely turn of stifle and moved well. Could be a little shorter in back.

3rd BORSTAFF FANNY FREDERIKA - 8 months old brindle. Taller bitch with less substance than those placed in front of her. Very good head, with round dark eyes, good bite and lovely rose ears well placed. Good front, with well laid shoulders. Not happy about showing today and didn't want to move for her handler. Tail curled too much for my liking.

Puppy Dog

1st VERYSHARP BLACK MAMBA - 11 months old black brindle. Good sized dog of quality. Well shaped head with beautifully round eyes, carrying well positioned and sized ears, set off by a lovely front. Good bite. Correct length of back giving overall view of a balanced dog, presented in excellent condition. Well angulated in the rear and moved well in both directions.

2nd NEWORDER HEAVY TAR - 11.5 months old brindle. Another quality dog with a lovely shaped head and good ears. Good bite. Excellent front, good depth of brisket, and nicely laid shoulders. Level topline. Good rear angulation and moved well. Very close to 1st, and in the end lost out to him only marginally on quality of head.

3rd TYKABUL RULES DONT APPLY - 11.5 months old brindle. Nicely built dog with good shaped head and excellent front, with well laid shoulders, and showing good bone. Moved well, showing sufficient drive from the rear. Would prefer to have seen better bite and shorter back for him to compete with those in front of him.

Puppy Bitch

1st CASTLESTAFF MISS MAGIC - 10 months old brindle pied. A very nicely constructed sound bitch of good size, with an excellent clean head, showing correct pigment where white coat meets skin edges. Nice round dark eyes, lovely rose ears well placed, good bite. Well ribbed and good depth of brisket, good front, and well laid shoulders. Close coupling and level topline. Moved reasonably well but could have moved a little better going away.

2nd MISHMAX SWEET SATINE - 10 months old black brindle. Good sized bitch with lovely shaped head showing great expression through round eyes and well proportioned ears in correct place. Good bite. Pleasing muscular but feminine neck settling into well laid shoulders. Level topline, good length of back. Showing some lack of pigment with light toe nails all round, and could have moved better going away.

3rd TYKABUL RANDOM HEARTS - 12 months old brindle. Not displaying quite the same amount of substance as those in front of her, but again, a lovely head with beautifully round eyes and good ears, excellent bite. Well laid shoulders, good rib and brisket depth, reasonable front. Like the ones in front of her movement away was a concern, and was slightly longer in back than those placed in front.

Junior Dog

1st FAEMOUNT FIFE N DRUM - 16 month old black brindle. A dog of quality in construction, correct size, correct length of back giving a totally balanced picture. Exceptionally well shaped head with lovely round eye, albeit a little light in colour, and great ears. Correct bite. Shoulders well laid with good front and lovely deep brisket and good spring of ribs. Well angulated in the rear and moved well. Not happy being stacked today, showing his best free standing displaying good topline. I would have liked to have taken him further but he was slightly overweight today and a little down in coat condition.

2nd MOSSTROOPER DEAD MOODY - 16 month old black brindle. Very typey dog of quality, slightly taller than 1st, but still a good sized dog. Outstanding head shape with lovely round eyes and correct bite and strong muzzle. Ears well placed but perhaps a little heavy. Lovely neck fitting well into good shoulders. Good front and body with correct ribbing, and brisket of significant depth. Good hindquarters, moving well. Very close to 1st and only lost out on overall balance as his back could have been a whisker shorter.

3rd JAMELKUR ALL REVD UP - 17 months old black brindle. Good head with correct eye shape and bite, good strong muzzle. Ears a little too big for his head spoiling the picture slightly. Good strong neck. Well laid shoulders, excellent front, well ribbed. Good bone. Level topline, and correct length coupling for balance. He was let down by both his movement going away and tail which was very notchy.

Junior Bitch

1st EASTAFF DARK LADY (Imp UK) - 16 months old black brindle. Lovely shaped feminine head with very neat tidy small rosed ears. Good shaped eyes, good bite. Lovely muscular neck sitting well into shoulders of good lay. Ample bone and good front, well ribbed. A whisker long in back, but not to excess, well angulated rear and moved well.

2nd FAEMOUNT FATAL ATTRACTION - 16 months old black brindle. Good sized bitch with lovely shaped clean head carrying good ears and round eye. Good bite. Well angulated both front and rear, showing good bone and front. Excellent spring of rib, and moved well. Her overall condition and muscle tone was a down a little and this probably cost her the class on the day.

3rd BAJED KATIES KISS - 15 months old black brindle. Probably the best bitch head seen on the day, with outstanding shape and perfect round eye and excellent ears that set the head off a treat. Excellent teeth. Great front, excellent spring of rib and good bone. On the stack, this bitch had the class to herself but her movement in all directions sadly let her down.

Intermediate Dog

1st CH JENRANA BLACK MAIL - 27 months old black bindle. 16 inch dog of good quality with an outstanding head with distinct stop, carrying lovely large teeth in a correct bite in a strong muzzle. Good muscular neck on well laid shoulders displaying a good front and excellent bone. Good rib and length of back. A little straight in stifle, but moved quite well.

2nd CH TANAROS BRAVE HEART (AI) - 32 months old black brindle. Well constructed, good shaped head with good bite and strong muzzle. Eyes could have been a little rounder and ears a little smaller. Good strong neck into good shoulders. Good front and bone, well ribbed, correct length of back and excellent rear angulation. Moved exceptionally well and one of the best on the day going away, which had a bearing on this placing.

3rd STONEHEART FULL CONTACT - 35 months old red. Very pleasing head with excellent bite, nicely placed and shaped ears and round eye. Good spring of rib and good front, very well boned. A little long in back and rising over the rump. Moved well coming in.

Intermediate Bitch

1st TUSSLER LADY ATHENA - 21 months old black brindle. A good sized bitch showing very clean lines. Very well constructed head showing good expression through round dark eyes and well proportioned ears. Good but tight bite. Nicely muscled neck into well made shoulders. Good front coming to hand well. Well ribbed, and good topline. Good turn of stifle, moved well. Perhaps could have carried a whisker more substance.

2nd BORSTAFF LOLLAPALOOZA - 21 months old black brindle with white blaze. Certainly was carrying the substance I would have liked to see more of in the bitch placed first, and would have been placed ahead of 1st if she hadn't been very slightly lame. Nevertheless a quality bitch with excellent head and beautiful expression coming from correct round eye and well placed correct sized ears. Excellent bite. Good bone with good angulation front and rear. Nicely ribbed with great depth of brisket, short coupling and good topline.

3rd WARBRED IRISH ROSE - 21 months old red. Smaller than those ahead of her but well balanced. Very pleasing head with lovely expression. Good dark round eyes, well placed ears that balanced the head well. Good strong muzzle with correct bite. Good front and shoulders, well boned, moved well

Australian Bred Dog

1st CH LOCKSTAFF BLACK VENOM - 3 years old black brindle. 16 inch dog in excellent state of fitness and overall condition. Beautifully shaped head with round eye, good ears, correct bite and lovely expression. Good muscular neck and well laid shoulders. Well ribbed, good depth of brisket and good front, plenty of bone. Correct length of back . Well muscled in the rear, but lacking drive on the move. Moved well coming in, but going away let him down.

2nd CH MIDNITEAMOUR SIR JACKSON - 29 months old brindle. Very good head with correct bite and lovely round eyes. Ears a little heavy. Good front, well ribbed and good bone. Slightly longer in back than I would have preferred, but well angulated in the rear and moved quite well. Whilst he was moving better than the dog in front of him, he lost out narrowly in overall balance and substance.

3rd SUCHASTAFF GRAND DUKE - 29 months old brindle. This boy is too big, but earned his placing on qualities that he possesses despite his size. One of the best heads seen on the day with outstanding expression coming from beautifully round eyes and well positioned correct size ears. Well boned with a good front and excellent ribbing. Tends to be a minimally long in back, and has a good turn of stifle. Moved quite well, but could be a little better going away.

Australian Bred Bitch

1st JENRANA ALL THAT JAZZ - 21 months old black brindle. Outstanding body on this girl, with excellent ribbing, good short coupling with a table top level topline. Well laid shoulders and excellent front, good bone, good turn of stifle. In the top 3 movers seen on the day, this and her body largely contributing to her the placing. Whilst her head could be stronger, it nevertheless showed pleasant expression with good round dark eyes, nice sized well placed ears and good bite.

2nd CH TAROBY WICKED WANDA - 23 months old brindle. Head of good shape and structure, well balanced with lovely ears, good round eye and strong correct bite. Well muscled neck and good shoulders. Excellent front, good bone, well ribbed, good topline, well angulated rear, moved well. Feet let her down.

3rd DIAMONDSTAFF JASMIN - 35 months old black brindle. Good sized bitch with a lovely head. Good dark round eyes, excellent ears in set and size, good bite in a strong muzzle. Nicely laid shoulders, good front, well ribbed, good depth of brisket, with nice short coupling and good tuck up. Would have liked to seen her move a little better.

Open Dog

This class was a pleasure to judge, and I found it very difficult to separate the first three placegetters. All of the dogs critiqued below were outstanding exhibits and on another day the final placings between all three of them could easily be different depending on how they showed.

1st CH CHERABAH IRONSIDE - 5 years old black brindle. A dog of great quality, correct size and excellently balanced with level topline. Outstanding head shape with well placed ears of a size that completes the balanced look of his head, and good dark round eyes that provide great expression. Perfect bite. Well laid shoulders and good ribbing completed by a good front and ample bone and strong pasterns. Good length of back, correct angulation in the rear and moving an absolute treat with the perfect pump handle tail. A pleasure to award him CC & Best Exhibit In Show.

2nd CH HIGHBOURNE LUSKIN STAR - 31 months old brindle. Another dog of great quality exhibited in excellent athletic hard condition. Excellent head with good strong muzzle carrying excellent bite, round dark eyes, well set on ears of good size giving very nice expression. Very good lay of shoulder and excellent spring of rib, good front and deep brisket, excellent bone. Level topline and good length of back. Well angulated rear and move well in all directions. Very close to 1st and today only lost on minor points such as tail set on which isn't quite as good as the boy in front of him. A very good Reserve CC.

3rd CH TAROBY UNRIVALED - 5 years old brindle. The third quality dog in the class to choose from and pushed the two in front of him all the way. Excellent head shape and construction with beautifully rounds eye and excellent ears producing a wonderful expression. Strong muzzle and excellent bite. Strong muscular neck settling into well laid shoulders. Good front, deep brisket and excellent spring of rib, good bone. Slightly shorter than the two in front of him he is square by virtue of a good coupling, with level topline. Well angulated rear and move very well. Lost out to 2nd on hardness and athletic condition only today.

Open Bitch

Just as was the case in Open Dog, this class was a highlight of the day to judge. Similarly, it was a difficult task to separate the first three placegetters, as they are all excellent specimens of the breed.

1st GR CH VERYSHARP THE REAL McCOY - 5 years old brindle. A classy bitch that had me looking as soon as she came in. Beautifully balanced bitch of good size, with a pleasant head full of expression through well placed round dark eyes and ears that are close to perfect for the head they give finish to. Excellent bite. Well muscled neck that sits very well into well laid shoulders. Excellent front and bone. Her body is her biggest strength with excellent ribbing, lovely short coupling and level topline finished off with a well placed pump handle tail. Well angulated in the rear and never put a foot out of place on the move. Shown in the best condition possible. A worthy Bitch CC and Runner Up In Show winner.

2nd CH HIGHBOURNE MUMMYS PET - 4 years old brindle. Another class act. Head possibly a little stronger than 1st, with great shape and cleanness, lovely round dark eyes and excellent ears. Good strong muzzle with excellent bite. Good shaped neck fitting into shoulders of good angle, excellent front. Well ribbed, good deep brisket, level topline, good angulation in the rear and moved very well. In peak of fitness and excellent condition. Reserve CC.

3rd GR CH RAPIDFIRE BLADE RUNNER - 5 1/2 years old brindle. The 3rd quality bitch in the class. Lovely shaped head with good round dark eyes and well set on ears of good size giving balance to the head. Nice strong muzzle with good bite. Very well muscled neck sitting into well laid shoulders. Good front and good bone. Well ribbed, nice level topline, a whisker longer in back than the two in front of her, but not to excess. Well angulated in the rear and moved well. She seemed a little flat today and may have fared better if she was showing herself off a little more.