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ACT & District Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
3rd Championship Show
April 12 2003


My thanks to the committee and exhibitors for 241 entries.  Without doubt,  there is nothing more agreeable than the opportunity and experience of going over so many of good dogs and bitches. Australian bred dogs are a real eye opener for any visiting UK judge - surely, little need to import these days.  

Sportsmanship was of the highest order.  The standard of the breed - first  class - on equal terms with the UK.  You also have a wider colour variance,  something that is currently lacking at home.  Any colour dominance is a  blight to the breed.  Hopefully, in the future Australian judges will continue to maintain historically significant colours .i.e. white, fawn,  red, blue, pied and all the various different shades of brindle  It is  essential the current  trend existing in the UK to place exhibits on the  grounds of coat colour is not followed.  

I will generalise on mouths, it is up to future judges to examine mouths  properly and detect inverted canine teeth. On the day there were 20 exhibits with the problem.  In one class I gave a first place to an exhibit with a  slightly undershot bite - overall the best animal in the class. Slightly  undershot is a minor dental fault, however, inverted canine teeth are a  structural fault - the under jaw being too small for the upper.  

A number of exhibitors used spray coat enhancing substances on their  exhibit - it fools nobody, certainly not me (and hopefully not others) - a  trend that needs to be quashed as soon as possible.  The answer is good  food, plenty of fresh water and consistent exercise - the coat will then  look after itself.


Baby Puppy Dog

A nice class of baby puppies to judge - however, at this age not able to commit myself to fortune telling. I have seen all sorts of things go wrong at this stage of development - equally, massive improvement can also take  place.  In respect of this - my critique for this class is non-committal to future.

1st D. Tatterall's TUSKSTOCK IT WASN'T ME. bl/bri/whi. Initially, has all the attributes required of a youngster.  Head has the basic shape necessary, hopefully will continue to improve.  Straight front and shape to the hindquarters.  Gained  top spot from second place with a cleaner outline.

2nd C. Brien's  JEOLENA MIX AND MAX.  red/whi.  Again, has all the qualities required of a 4 month of age.  Placed over third of the strength of tidier  ears and a stronger head.

3rd E. Burgin's DAZZLINSTAFF BLACKSAMBUCA.  bl/br/whi. Attractive pup with everything going for it at this stage.  Of sound structure, balanced throughout.

Baby Puppy Bitch

1st J. Austin - Cleary's TYKABUL WILL BE THERE.  bl/bri/whi.  Possessing the essential qualities required of a puppy.  Clean shapely head, dark eyes and neat rose ears.  At this stage of development - has potential for the future.  Balanced in body with sound limbs. Moved very well.

2nd L & K. Holahan's KOZNAR. whi. Striking looking predominantly white in colour.  Great breed type expression. Terrific front just;  lacked a little  in maturity in comparison with first placed, however, must have a really good future, providing the teeth remain good.

3rd M & S, Appleby's SLAIDBURN AMAZING GRACE.  bl/bri/whi We are always guided by the breed standard regardless of class - again this youngster lost out to second placed on maturity of musculation.  However, would not have minded taking her home with me.  Has all the qualities I  would be looking for at this age.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st  Wylie's STAFFLYTE SOLO SPIRIT.  bl/bri.  Shapely head, clean muzzle and a tight lip.  Good expression, neat rose ears.  Level Topline. Sound  limbs.  Edged in front of second place by virtue of better development of body musculation and a darker eye.

2nd L, K & N. Jennings JENRANA YOU'VE GOT MALE. bl/br/whi.  Of good breed type. Little less mature than first placed, but a little more animated than third place.  Balanced throughout.  Clean shapely head, tight in lip. Sound in body and limb. Moved and handled well

3rd  K. Naporowski's GECANE BAGGERIDGE LANE.  red/whi.  Very nice type.  At  this stage just a little bit behind the first two in development.  Has all  the correct attributes.  Good head, balanced in body, sound mover.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st D. Tattersal's TUSKSTOCK ALL EYEZ ON ME .bl/bri/whi.  'All Eye' were on the handler resplendent in his Cambridge blue suit.  Great stuff, loved it! Not only that, he possessed a very nice pup.  Clean in outline, balanced. Shapely head of depth, tight lip and a good bite.  Level topline, closely   coupled.  Straight front, muscular hind, well knitted tight feet. Clean outline and balance took the class. Moved and handled well.

2nd Powerpaws Kennels POWERPAWS INVISIBLE TOUCH.  bri/whi.  Predominantly white from the front, brindle on head.  These sort of markings need to be examined carefully to appreciate the full qualities.  Head of width and depth, small neat rose ears edged the place from the one behind. Straight  topline, decent spring of rib. Sound limbs.

3rd M & S. Appleby's QUARRYBANK CHANCES ARE.  bri.  Nice typy bitch, not quite as mature as the two in front, however, has all the necessary  qualities that will continue to improve.  Basis of a good head, tight lip. Dark round eyes.  Compact in body, straight front, turn of stifle at the hind.  Handled well.

Puppy Dog

1st A & D. Barter's STONEHEART BENJAMINE JOHN.  bl/bri/whi.  Good ring presence.  Head of width and depth, clean muzzle of correct length - not too short. Balanced in body, spring to the ribcage.  Straight front, tight feet. Moved with drive. Not much between the first three in this class - first placed had the cleaner head.

2nd J. Mortimer's CHABLAKMOR DEVILS ADVOCATE.  bl/bri/whi.  Good width of skull. Rose ears, dark round eyes, clean tight lips.  Level topline, spring of rib.  Sound limbs.  Moved well.

3rd C & J. Frazer's HIGHBOURNE BARYSHNIKOV. bl/bri.  Has plenty of potential for the future.  Depth of head, neat rose ears, clean muzzle.  Sound body  with a spring of rib.  Preferred the additional daylight to be seen beneath the brisket of second placed.

Puppy Bitch

1st M. McCoy's JODEN RENEGADE FIGHTER.  mahogany bri.  Strong head of width and depth.  Dark round eyes, neat rose ears, clean muzzle.  Excellent breed  type expression. Closely, coupled with a good spring of rib.  Straight front, powerful hind quarters. Won the class from with more musculation than the two behind.  Shown to best advantage.

2nd M, H & J. Sing's  LINWEST MILKMAID.  pred. whi.  Not quite as mature as first place, however, has all the basic qualities required at this age,  Shapely head, clean mouth, neat ears.  Compact body and sound limbs.  Took second from third placed with a better spring of rib.

3rd D. Byrne, R. Reid & C & J. Frazer's HIGHBOURNE SHARPEN UP.  bri.  Also has the right attributes to develop into very nice adult bitch.  Shapely  head, good stop.  Small ears, dark eyes and a good bite.  Sound in body structure, turn of stifle at the hind.

Junior Dog

1st B & A, Daelish's NOVASTAFF BEAMISH RED.  red/whi.  Of excellent breed type.  Overall picture of balance.  Shapely head of width and depth.  Defined stop, clean muzzle, tight lip with the correct scissor bite. First class black pigmentation.  Small neat rose ears.  Round dark eye.  Great breed type expression.  Short neck widening at the shoulders, level topline, spring of rib, well tucked up at the loins, closely coupled.  Forelegs straight, lay back at the shoulder.  Strong muscular hindquarters. When standing conveyed animation. Moved with drive on thickly padded tight feet. An impressive young dog.  Pleased to award this  exhibit the CC and BOB.

2nd Ascalon Kennels ASCALON EDGED IN BLACK.  bl/bri/whi.  Strong shapely  head, defined muzzle, tight lips, good bite.  Neat rose ears, dark round  eyes. Short neck, level topline, spring of rib.  Straight front.  Muscular hindquarters and a good turn of stifle  Had a little more balance than the third  placed.  Moved well.

3rd R & T. Doherty's SLICKAZ WARLORD.  bl/bri/whi.  Not quite as muscular as  the two in front.  However, a very nice young dog deserving of the  place in a very big class of 24.  Strong head, clean muzzle, correct bite.  Neat rose ears, good breed type expression.  Sound in body with a spring to the  ribcage. Straight front quarters and a turn of stifle at the hind.   Moved well on tight feet.

Junior Bitch

1st T. Amos & P. Sioukas's VERY SHARP REFLECTIONS.  bri/whi. Skull of width and depth, clean muzzle.  Dark round expressive eyes, neat rose ears. Short neck, level topline and a good spring of rib.  Closely coupled and tucked up at the loins.  Straight front, powerful hindquarters with a nice turn of stifle at the hind. Took first place from the two behind with a cleaner outline.

2nd Wylie's STAFFLYTE SKYS THE LIMIT.  mahogany bri/whi.  Shapely head, dark eyes, rose ears.  Took second spot from third with a very clean muzzle and tight lip.  Balanced in body, sound front, muscular hindquarters, tight thickly padded feet.  Moved soundly.

3rd Koendidda Kennels KOENDIDDA YIN N YANG. pred. whi/bri on ears/ some ticking.  Sound attractive bitch,  Neat rose ears carried well.  Dark eyes, good breed type expression.  Level topline, straight front, sound hindquarters.  Moved with drive. 

Intermediate Dog

1st C. Rea's SOUTHSTOCK DEATH WISH.  bri/whi. This dog struck me as a real  powerhouse.  Strong shapely head of width and depth.  Clean muzzle and a tight lip.  Neat rose ears and a dark eye.  Level topline with a good spring  of rib, closely coupled.  Straight front, powerful hindquarters.  Gained  first spot on musculation and a cleaner outline.

2nd L, K & L. Jenning's JENRANA ACID RAIN.  bri/whi.  Another  of good breed type. Head of width and depth, clean lip and a good bite.  balanced  throughout, however, not such a powerhouse as first placed, but superior in this department over third place.  Good spring of rib with a straight from and drive at the hind

3rd N & D. Jones's CH. TITTLESTAFF BOOGIE NIGHTS.  bl/bri/whi.  Also liked this one a lot.  Clean in outline, balanced throughout.  Strong head,  clean in muzzle..  Neat ears, dark round eyes.  Balanced throughout.  Would like to see additional muscle.

Intermediate Bitch

1st  M, H & J. Sing's CHERABAH SHES SO FINE.  bl/bri.  Like most Cherabah exhibits - possessed a shapely head with the cleanest of muzzles - made the difference over second placed.  Neat rose ears, dark round eyes and a great  expression.  Level topline, good spring of the ribcage. Straight front, muscular hindquarters.  Moved well on tight thickly padded feet Balanced throughout.

2nd G & K. Law's CHERABAH HIGH ACCLAIM.  bl/br/whi.  /Strong head, defined muzzle.  Neat ears, dark round eyes.  Compact in body, closely coupled, tucked up at the loins.  Straight forelegs, muscular hind quarters.  Tight thickly padded feet.  Displayed greater musculation and more power than  third placed.

3rd D & J. Cooper's CH. SNAZISTAFF APACHE ROCK.  red/whi.  Full of breed type.  Displayed definition of muzzle, tight lip.  Dark eyes, neat rose ears.  Short neck, balanced in body, closely coupled.  Sound limbs tight feet.

Australian Bred Dog

This was a great class, close decisions for places.  All owners and breeders to call - loved and appreciated the opportunity to go-over such  dogs.  Thank you.

1st B & E. Daelish's NOVASTAFF FEROL ERROL. tiger bri/whi. I was really smitten by this dog, great brindle colouration.  Powerful head of width and  depth.  Correct bite and a clean tight lip.  Did me a lot of good to see a dog like this before me.  Dark round eyes, neat rose ears, terrific breed type  expression.  Strong short neck, level topline, good spring of rib. Straight front.  Good angulation at the hind.  Moved with drive.  Press hard for the CC & Res. CC.  Could lose a few pounds, would make all the difference. Deserving of top awards.

2nd Cairns & Hanley's CH. LOCKSTAFF BLACK VENOM.  bl/bri.  Another really good dog.  Very clean in outline.  Head of width and depth, clean tight lips and a good bite.  Neat ears, dark round eyes.  Excellent breed type expression.  Level topline and spring of rib.  Tight thick padded feet. Straight front, power at the hind.  Exhibited with aplomb.

3rd G & A. Lindsey's CH. LINWEST THUNDERSTRUCK red/whi.  Striking looking pied.  Lovely head, wide in skull, defined clean muzzle with tight lips.  Like all pieds must be examined from all angles to get the true perspective of the dogs qualities.  Great breed type expression.  Level topline, tucked  up at the loins,  balanced in body, straight front.  turn of stifle at the hind.  Moved with drive on tight feet.  Needs more work on hardening up the  muscles.

Australian Bred Bitch

Quite a good class, however, a number of suspect mouths.

1st C & J Frazer's HIGHBOURNE VINTAGE CROP.  bl/br.  Took the class on conditioning and muscle.  Powerful looking bitch, balanced throughout.  Strong head, clean muzzle, dark eyes and neat rose ears.  Short neck widening at the shoulders.  Level topline, spring of rib, tucked up at the loins.  Straight front, good turn of stifle at the hind.  Tight feet. Moved and handled to perfection.

2nd A. Baxter's GR. CH. BOLDHART RED BY REQUEST.  red.  Strong head which I would have preferred a little less wrinkle.  Dark expressive eyes, neat rose ears.  Short powerful neck.  Level topline, closely coupled, tucked up at the loins.  Balance throughout.  Sound limbs, tight feet.  Moved with drive.

3rd M. O'Brien's PITFOLD BLACK CHARM.  bl/bri.  Another nice sort of bitch.  Strong head, defined muzzle, clean lip.  Dark eyes, neat ear carriage. Balanced in body.  Straight front, muscular hindquarters. Moved with drive on tight feet

Open Dog

Another really excellent class - strong competition for places.  There have been times when I have judged when it has been it difficult for me to find a  dog I would like to take home..  However, on this occasion I was spoilt for choice - decisions were marginal (minor) and would not have minded owning and one of them.

1st C & J. Frazers CH. HIGHBOURNE LUSKIN STAR.  bl/bri/whi.  Impressive looking dog.  Balanced and very clean in outline.  Stationary, still gives  the impression of animation.  Strong head of width and depth. Neat ears and a dark eye.  Defined clean muzzle with tight lips,  Large teeth meeting in a scissor bite.  Short neck.  Level topline, good spring of ribcage.  Tucked up at the loins which emphasised the close coupling.  Straight front, tight  thickly padded feet.  Turn of stifle at the hind.   Moved with power and drive.  Exhibited with the greatest of expertise.  .  Pressed hard for the  CC., however, was my pleasure to award this dog the Res. CC.  CC winner  nicked it by the width of a fag paper!  Deserving of 'Runner up in Show'.

2nd J & N. Dawes CH. BAJED PITSTOP.  bri/whi.  Another really good looking dog.  Strong head, wide skull, clean muzzle, tight, clean lip and a good  bite.  Neat rose ears, dark round eye.  Great expression.  Balanced in body, straight front, good turn of stifle at the hind.  Upright in pasterns, well  knitted feet with thick pads.  Moved with drive, however, lost out to first placed - not quite as muscular.

3rd T. Gogery's APPLEYARD BASIL BEAU.  bri/whi.  In many respects equal to the two placed in front.  My preference was slightly more in favour with the head shape of second place.  However, this was only marginal in such a good class.  When it comes to the final crunch - to some extent decisions are reached by 'nit picking'!  Hopefully readers will understand what I mean.  Of excellent breed type, shapely head. clean muzzle and a good bite. Dark  eyes and neat rose ears. Short neck widening at the shoulders.  Level topline, closely coupled.  Straight front, strong muscular hams and good turn of stifle.  Tight feet moved and handled well.

Open Bitch

A really good class of quality bitches - a pleasure to judge.  Not a cakewalk for any of the entries.  Very tight between the placings

1st T. Amos & P. Sioukas's VERY SHARP THE SORCERESS.  bl/bri.  Smart  and clean in outline, well within the breed standard.  Took the class from the two behind with a cleaner muzzle.  Shapely head with no exaggerations. Neat rose ears, dark round expressive eyes.  Excellent breed type expression. Short neck, level topline, spring of rib.  Closely coupled and tucked up at the loins.  Forelegs straight, laid back at the shoulder.  muscular  hindquarters.  Tight feet.  Moved and handled well.  A very nice bitch that attracted the eyes.  Fully worthy of the CC.

2nd C & J. Frazer's GR. CH. HIGHBOURNE MUMMY'S PET.  bri/whi.  Another strong looking bitch.  Excellent head of width and depth of skull.  Defined muzzle. Rose ears, dark round eyes.  Good breed type expression.  Short neck, level topline, spring of rib, tucked up at the loins - closely coupled. Straight front, powerful hindquarters took this one in front of third placed. Tight thickly padded feet.  moved with drive.

3rd L, K & N. Jenning's CH. JENRANA EBONY ANINVORY.  bl/bri/whi pied.  Another really good bitch.  Classy head of width and depth, clean muzzle. Dark round eyes, neatest of rose ears.  Beautifully balanced throughout. A  bitch that needed a good hard look - colouration could be deceptive.
 Straight front of ample bone,  turn of stifle at the hind.  Moved with determination on tight feet.